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Christmas Orders and returns.

Posted: Mon, 13.11.2017

Christmas Orders Pretesting anr Returns process. 

As Christmas approaches we understand that many items will be purchased as gifts and everyone wants their gift to be perfect. Even though we take every possible means to prevent faults from occurring there are rare occasions that faults can occur and we want to give our valuable customers the information around preventing disappointment and our warranty process. 


To prevent any disappointment we recommend taking the time to check your buddy well before the big day. You can test the toy by inflating it and leaving for a couple of days then deflating and placing back in the box. 


Deflating is done my inserting the needle from the pump in the toy valve and lightly pushing the air out till it is flat however an inflated toy is more fun under the tree 😃.

If however there is a fault please follow our RETURNS email procedure on the back of the instructions sheet. The warranty allows for a tested replacement to be sent once we receive all the important information, name, address, phone/email details, receipt number/purchase info and a photo of the fault and the base of the toy. 


Please do not leave it till Christmas eve, we are restricted by the delivery services as well as the fact that we can not perform miracles, yet anyway.
If we know with enough time to swap your buddy then we can prevent any disappointment, if it is too late we can not do anything till the services return after Christmas. 


We are a family business with real people running it and we hope that you understand that we are likely more upset that you when a customer receives a toy with an issue. 


Please understand you are dealing with someone that knows very well how these things can upset but it is also someone that has worked extremely hard to try and prevent these things occurring which has meant many missed bed time kisses, birthdays or special events doing so.

Please be kind and understanding, we will fix any issue as soon as possible and we have not intentionally sent out a faulty toy. 


We will remain open but with limited hours and there will be a couple of days we wont have email or phone over the break. We will get to anyone that experiences any issue as soon as possible and we will if a replacement is needed get it to you as fast as the postal service will allow. 


If you have any question please let us know we are hear to help and we thank you for being amazing and wonderful supporter of our family business. 


Thank you and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   

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