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Christmas Warranty checking please do asap

Posted: Sat, 16.12.2017

🌸Reminder around checking for warranty issues🌸
Hi Everyone, just a reminder if you have purchased a buddy, we recommend that you check it if you are concerned about any possible warranty issue ASAP so if there is an issue we have the next few days to rectify it. 
We don’t expect any issue but things can and do happen which means the toys can not hold air and needs to be replaced hence we offer a warranty on our product.  

We will be around some of the holiday period to address any issues arising from faults but we will not be available everyday as we will be taking leave over Xmas/new year week. We will address any issue with priority. 

So if you do need to contact us in the next couple of weeks please email: returns@bopalongbuddies.com.au 

Please included your name, address, ph number, receipt/purchase details, animal design and fault and a photo of the fault and the base of the toy showing the feet so we can assist.

Please also remember you are talking to a person, one that makes every effort to try and ensure things don’t happen but also knows that they can. 

I have so far this season had some very poor treatment and threats made over issues outside my control and it is terribly upsetting for me and my team. These toys represent many nights away from my family and missed special event so please know I am just as upset if not more if any issue occurs.  

Let us know you’ve read the message with a thumbs up or the like if you can. 

Merry Christmas and happy bopping. 

Ps please don’t call me the grinch (has happened in the past  along with other names that can not be published here) or tell me I ruined your child’s Christmas I feel bad enough when something happens. 
We NEVER intentionally sell a toys with a fault. Some are very hard to detect so can get past QC. we will work to rectify any issue ASAP so your little one can be happy bopping along for years to come.

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